Dr. Kanodia Shares His Knowledge on Nasal Breathing

Deviated Septum

Surgically straighten the septum

Weak or collapsed internal nasal valve

Spreader grafts – repaired with the broken septal cartilages obtained during septal straightening

Inferior Turbinates

Are always enlarged and inflamed in urban environment because of:

  • Very dry air – lack of humidity – which gets even worse with the whole nightly use of the air conditioner, heater, and fans.
    • SOLUTION: Cool mist ultrasonic humidifier and air purifier
  • Pets in the bedroom – increases the irritation and are also responsible for enlarged inferior turbinates
  • Carpet in the bedroom – also leads to increase dust mites – again causing further irritation of inferior turbinates
    • Wooden and stone floors are preferred
  • Allergies – air purifier helps

Dr. Kanodia’s Recommended Air Humidifier  

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Septoplasty For Breathing – How A Nose Job Can Help

Dr.Kanodia is a leading expert and pioneer in scarless septoplasty, performed through the nostrils. Most recreational and professional athletes (football, hockey, boxing, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc) sustain one or multiple injuries to the nose causing severe impairment in nasal breathing. 

This lack of oxygenation through the nose interferes with sleep, endurance, impaired taste, headaches, and all around quality of life. 

Expertly executed septoplasty, not only to straighten the deviated septum, but utilizing the harvested broken cartilages (straightened) and used for internal nasal valve repair as spreader grafts has improved over 9,000 of his patient’s breathing. 

Quite often, secondary benefit of this well executed septoplasty and valve repair, also results in straightening of the mid third of the nose – an aesthetically more pleasing outcome. 

All this is accomplished, without breaking the nasal bones. Therefore, there is no bandage or bruising. The patient is able to experience the magical difference of nasal breathing in 48 hours as soon as the cotton sponges (which were introduced during surgery, to absorb the mucus) are removed. Septoplasty is done without any change in the shape of the nose.

Significant number of patients desire, both septoplasty and rhinoplasty simultaneously, so that they can accomplish both goals of much improved breathing as well as aesthetic refinement. Dr Kanodia is often described as one of the worlds best rhinoplasty surgeons. Contact our front office to schedule a consultation.