Self-Image and The Nose

Our self-image changes as we get older, particularly in the teen years of development as we settle into our adult features. It is not uncommon for teens to feel uncomfortable in their bodies, but while for some that discomfort is simply the awkwardness of that time in life, for others there is a very specific issue that is making them self-conscious. The nose is one of those prominent facial features that there’s just no avoiding, so when you feel self-conscious about a component of that feature, it’s difficult to feel your most confident.

Dr. Kanodia has helped countless patients achieve the nose results they were looking for through closed rhinoplasty–meaning he performed the procedure without making an external incision, so there are no visible scars. Dr. Kanodia’s approach is always about finessing and creating natural looking results that compliment and enhance the patient’s other features. We encourage you to watch the stories of some of our patient’s journey from consultation to procedure to several months after the procedure (check them out on our video page!) and when you are ready to begin discussing your options for achieving the nose appearance and confidence you desire, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kanodia today.