Rhinoplasty Surgery Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty, or Nose Surgery, is a popular procedure performed to improve the aesthetic and/or functional values of the nose. Typically Rhinoplasty surgery is performed using either an open or closed technique–meaning the incision is made either outside of the nose (open) or inside of the nose (closed).

Dr. Kanodia is unique in that he always performed closed rhinoplasty so there are no visible scars. With over 9,000 closed rhinoplasty procedures under his belt in the last 37 years, Dr. Kanodia’s approaches each rhinoplasty procedure with not only this knowledge and experience, but a creative, precise eye.

Each patient’s unique facial features and overall facial harmony are considered to create the most natural looking results possible and to create results that enhance the the other features of the face.

rhinoplasty surgery pre surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery

Typically is performed outpatient in our state-licensed and certified facility. The procedure usually takes around two hours and patients often are able to get back to their daily routines in seven days.

If you are interested in learning more about Rhinoplasty and to find out if you may be a good candidate for this procedure, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kanodia today. Check out our channel for patient journeys.