Dr. Kanodia Shares His Tips on Breathing


Rhinoplasty For Breathing – How A Nose Job Can Help

Dr. Kanodia also performs functional nasal procedures that are designed specifically to correct breathing difficulties. Rhinoplasty for breathing does not necessitate the breaking of bones – there’s no bruising or need for bandages – and patients can return to their normal activities within three to five days. 

Dr Kanodia works closely with nose job patients, ensuring that refinements not only look natural, but that they match the individual’s other facial features and personality. He notes it is a relatively painless, one-to-two-hour procedure, that’s performed on an outpatient basis in his state-licensed and certified facility.

Patients are generally able to resume most of their routines about seven days after rhinoplasty.

The nose is the center of the human face, and the feature perhaps most closely associated with what we call “character.” Alteration of it’s shape must always be handled with great care, subtlety, and artistry, for no form of cosmetic surgery will so influence the way a face is perceived.