Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Why choose the mecca of plastic surgery to have your procedure? Well, for starters some of the premier surgeons and specialists live in Los Angeles and they opened their practice here. There are tons of plastic surgeons world wide that are excellent but to get some of the best work done, rhinoplasty beverly hills is what everyone wants.

Raj Kanodia has been at the top of the rhinoplasty industry for over 25 years. He’s worked with celebrities, royalty, you name it and he’s perfected their look. Truth be told in the hyper competitive world of plastic surgery and namely rhinoplasty, the cream really rises to the top. Patients have tons of options to choose when they want to get something as intimate as a nose job. They naturally will gravitate towards the best available, which leads us to the king of noses.

Nose Job Los Angeles

We get tons of inquiries from out of state and out of country patients asking, nose job los angeles, why is it the best? It’s tough to day exactly why nose jobs have become so popular but it can only point to the fact that the surgeons performing them are improving as well. Take Dr. Kanodia for example, his specialty and only focus is the closed rhinoplasty technique. 15 years ago a nose job los angeles procedure was always thought to be a scary thing that involved opening up the whole nose and patients were weary of the scarring. Kanodia made it a point to focus on a closed technique and perfect the art.

rhinoplasty beverly hills nose job consult

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has become so popular that clients will fly from Dubai, Paris, London, Tehran. All over the world just to see Dr. Kanodia.

On top of the artistic rhinoplasty beverly hills surgeries, Dr. Kanodia has a world renowned Kanodia Medspa that specializes in all of the latest and greatest aesthetic enhancements that clients are dying to try.

What Makes Dr. Kanodia the Premier Surgeon?

With any form of art, it is nearly impossible to understand or quantify what makes someone truly great at their craft. Some will say it comes with years of experience while others say that it requires a true passion. Dr. Kanodia has been the household name in closed rhinoplasty for so many years and yet his love for the art has not wavered a bit. On the contrary he is constantly going and speaking at conventions while consulting with other specialists about the latest techniques and findings in the world of rhinoplasty.

Performing closed rhinoplasty procedures, cosmetic injections as well as a variety of medical spa treatments. Has given the doctor a wide spectrum and understanding of what it truly takes to enhance someones naturally given beauty. Too many plastic surgeons have accepted their patients request of doing too much work and resulting in a face that looks unnatural. Shows like botched have gained popularity because of the need to go over the top.

When sitting with the doctor, you truly can have an insight into how an artist would enhance a human face. Artists are everywhere, there are thousands in the world but rarely can you find an artist who specializes in bringing out the true beauty while understanding the symmetry of a human face. Rhinoplasty is not simply a process of smoothing out a bump on the top of someones nose. In fact it requires an insane amount of calculation and vision to know exactly how to enhance a nose while maintaining the natural balance of the face.

We specialize in the art of beauty and we have the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the world perfecting faces everyday.