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Chin Augmentation Beverly Hills

“Precision, subtlety, and couture-like craftsmanship are his calling cards” – Tatler

“Doc Hollywood – he’s the man that A-listers turn to in their
search for perfection” – Vogue

“Kanodia is the sculptor…in Hollywood – especially with celebrities” – Allure

“For patients who have to have the best…Kanodia is one of the very few doctors at the top of a very short list.” – ELLE

Dr. Kanodia’s Chin Augmentation Philosophy:

After the nose, the chin is the most important part of a person’s profile. A weak chin can create an imbalance in the harmony of the face. When an imbalance is seen, I carefully assess the face as a whole to discern whether it is truly a small chin or simply a large nose creating an improper illusion. Individuals with weak chins also can benefit from facial contouring with fillers, but these results are temporary. A weak chin tends to pull all the features of the face downward, creating an appearance of overall droopiness. Permanent chin augmentation with an implant can be performed to reverse this.

How Chin Augmentations are performed:

Chin augmentation is a procedure in which an implant is used to enhance undersized chins. An extremely small incision is made under the chin, with the implant being anchored securely in a small, customized pocket that’s created along the mandible bone. Frequently, chin enhancement also works to smooth pre-jowl indents as well. Many patients will have this done in conjunction with their rhinoplasty to bring their profile into balance and harmony. Chin augmentation is most commonly performed with local anesthesia only and is tolerated very well. The procedure takes 30 minutes to complete. The results, however, last a lifetime.

Scheduling a Chin Augmentation Treatment:

Dr. Kanodia personally does all Chin Augmentations for his patients. You will not be passed off to anyone else. He will personally consult with you and offer his expert eye for beauty and symmetry allowing you to get the very best from your Chin Augmentation.





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