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Cheek Fat Reduction Beverly Hills

“Surgeon to the stars, Raj Kanodia” – E! News

“Kanodia is, in every sense, a connosieur of Art” – Vogue

“The Face of Hollywood – As the premiere surgeon to the stars, Dr. Raj Kanodia shapes the way the world sees the rich and famous” – Haute Living

“Doc Hollywood – What’s it like to see your work onscreen but never be able to take credit for it? Ask surgeon Raj Kanodia, Hollywood’s best kept secret.” – Allure

Dr. Kanodia’s Cheek Fat Reduction Philosophy:

For children, chubby cheeks are very cute and a sign of youthfulness. As we age, that cheek fat slowly dissipates but when it doesn’t, the excess cheek fat (buccal fat) can cause a puffiness of the lower face that makes the adult face look fat. I carefully assess whether this is from excess buccal fat or from other problem areas. If I can isolate the cause as being from excess cheek fat, then Buccal Fat Removal is for you.

How Cheek Fat Reduction is performed:

Excess Cheek Fat is easily removed with local anesthesia only. Dr. Kanodia places a small <1cm incision on the inside of the mouth along the cheek mucosa Dr. Kanodia’s specialized technique ensures removal of the majority of the fat, with preservation of some, to prevent the “gaunt” or “over-hollowed” look that can occur with time. By preserving some fat, Dr. Kanodia is able to achieve a contoured look without excessive hollowing. We recommend combining this procedure with a healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. The procedure takes 30 minutes to complete. The results, however, last a lifetime.

Scheduling a Cheek Fat Reduction Treatment:

Dr. Kanodia personally does all Cheek Fat Reduction for his patients. You will not be passed off to anyone else. He will personally consult with you and offer his expert eye for beauty and symmetry allowing you to get the very best from your Cheek Fat Reduction.





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