Nosejobs for Nasal Trauma

One of the most common causes of nosejobs (rhinoplasty) we see in our Beverly Hills office is for trauma.   This may have been a childhood injury while playing sports or an adult injury from a fall or car accident.  The most common cause of nasal trauma actually occurs during infancy when the nose is yet to be fully developed and the toddler is learning to crawl.  During this phase the toddler will fall on their face multiple times and the trauma is mild causing only a slight bend or break in the cartilage or bones of the nose.  Because the trauma is mild, this is often overlooked completely but can alter the growth course of the nose permanently.  Usually the defect isn’t diagnosed or realized until the child is much older and getting into the teenage years of life.

If you have concern for a traumatic injury at any point in life, come in for a consultation at our Los Angeles office with Dr. Kanodia or Dr. Dugar today. Call 310-276-3106 to schedule your appointment for nose analysis.