Nose Job Before and After. What To Expect

We Totally Get It. A Nose Job Before and After Can Seem Scary

Let’s talk about the basics. A nose job is going to change your look and tons of clients are scared of what happens if they don’t like it. Dr. Kanodia gets patients all the time that come in looking for revision rhinoplasty, aka fixing a bad nose job they had done. 

There are tons of doctors out there that claim they are the best at nose jobs or they specialize in this or that. The truth is that there are many qualified doctors out there, the key is finding the one that you feel is the absolute best. Fortunately Raj Kanodia has been doing nose jobs for over 25 years and it shows. You name any big celebrity that has had work done, chances are, Dr. Kanodia was the master behind the scenes.

So What’s This Closed Rhinoplasty I’m Hearing About?

So Dr. Kanodia specializes in a specific type of nose job before and after labeled “closed rhinoplasty” or “scarless rhinoplasty”. Traditional nose jobs have always been known to use an open rhinoplasty technique. In a nut shell it means that the incisions are made on the inside of the nose during the procedure. This way, when the nose is healed (which is quicker using this method), there are no visible scars on the outside of the nose. 

Dr. Kanodia truly believes that the nose is an incredibly delicate feature of the face and is quite conservative in his approach. We’ve all seen the horrendous nose jobs out there on the internet. On the other side of that spectrum is doctors like Kanodia, who pride themselves in their artistic touch. Minimalism is the name of the game when it comes to nose jobs in Dr. Kanodia’s practice. His goal is to make the most beautiful nose with the least amount of alterations. Check out some of his recent work

Applying his artistic vision to his patients’ procedures is the real motivating drive behind the doctor. Creating the perfect uniformity between the facial structure and the nose, using perfect balance is something that really can only come with time. There are also non-invasive nose procedures that we do using fillers to alter the structure of the nose to create proper symmetry.

Nose Job Before and After. What’s The Process

Nose Job Before and After can put people off because they think they’ll be bedridden for weeks and people can’t look at them for at least a month or two. Relax, Dr. Kanodia says in most cases you can go out for dinner the night of the surgery if you want! Yeah, I know kind of crazy. Nose job before and after is seamless with the procedure of doing everything inside of the nose. So that’s what we consider the stage 1. 

Stage 2 can take up to 6 weeks and this is where the bone is actually healing. We recommend just staying away from any serious activity or anything that could potentially put unnecessary pressure on the area. In the rhinoplasty before and after process we get that people want to stay active and fit even with a fresh surgery but trust us on this one. Light activity is ok, maybe a light walk or low impact exercise. Consulting with your doctor is always the right thing to do if you are unsure. 

Stage 3 is the long haul where the natural healing process takes place. 1 year down the line the nose is officially 60% healed, 2 year 80% and finally 3 years post-op and it is 100% healed. Yes, it does take quite some time but you’re gonna love the way it looks, we guarantee it.

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