Dr. Kanodia’s Lip Enhancement Philosophy


Injectables have long been utilized in an elementary fashion for the past 15-20 years to fill in lines and grooves. Unfortunately, most providers use fillers to “fill” the area under the skin, resulting in an irregular and unnatural appearance for the patient. Instead, I use fillers as lifters to lift your natural muscles up to the skin. I inject the fillers deep to the muscle to lift the muscle naturally. The fillers serve to support both the layers under the skin AND the muscle to enhance the natural convex contours of the face that are consistent with youth and beauty. 

In my opinion, hyaluronic acid products, such as Juvederm and Restylane, are the best fillers. They can be neutralized and reversed, should the need arise. Sculptra, Radiesse, and Autologous Fat Transfers, on the other hand, do not have the capacity to be neutralized or reversed.

As the human face ages, fat molecules slowly begin to dissipate, and thereby become unable to support the skin and the muscles at a youthful convex contour. It is crucial for the provider to possess both a proper understanding of the anatomy of the face and a desire to create youthful contours in order to achieve outstanding results.

There is beauty to be found in every human face. It is not the role of our science to gauge beauty against some arbitrary standard, but to utilize our tools to allow the various attributes of each face to work in concert. When assessing lips, we must preserve the natural character of the lips and simply enhance the lips by adding volume or adding an “edging” to give the lips more sensuality. My work is to endow the lips with qualities it never possessed and to bring out those qualities of beauty that are intrinsically its own.


Once again, any positive or negative results, including the length of time a filler lasts, lies in the skill of the person giving the injections. Whereas some physicians give up the job of injecting fillers to their nurses, Dr. Kanodia does the injections himself to make certain the filler is placed in the exact anatomical and aesthetic area to guarantee optimum and long-lasting results.

The safest fillers are Hyaluronic Acid (H.A) based. These are injected to reestablish and voluminize the youthful and sensual shape of the lip. We also enhance the Cupid’s Bow which is often ignored by other providers. Genetics, age and body weight are all factors in determining the amount of treatment required. It is very important that the product used is safe and biodegradable, and that its effect is reversible. With the right filler as a tool and a clear model in mind, Dr. Kanodia is able to work as an artist to voluminize the lips while preserving their natural contour. Rejuvenation is obvious after the first treatment, and so is the gratification it brings.


Dr. Kanodia personally does all Lip Enhancements for his patients. You will not be passed off to anyone else. He will personally consult with you and offer his expert eye for beauty and symmetry allowing you to get the very best from your Lip Enhancement treatment. Contact our office to book an appointment.

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“I don’t use fillers as fillers. I use fillers as lifters.”
Dr. Raj Kanodia
“For patients who have to have the best…Kanodia is one of the very few doctors at the top of a very short list.”
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