Germfalcon Coronavirus Machine

Air travel is one of the prime sources of the spread of the coronavirus, and for that matter, flu-virus and many other germs. Not much has been done to disinfect the planes.

germfalcon plane UV

Research reveals a well-established company, Germfalcon has proven Ultraviolet-C technology to disinfect airplanes, and any other surface and rooms. These UV-C rays can kill not only the coronavirus but also other viruses and germs which linger in planes and airport terminals – one of the primary sources of airborne infections.

Where To Implement The Germfalcon

Common sense says this technology should be employed to any public place where people gather frequently (shopping malls, schools, gyms, movie theaters, elevators, subways, public transportation systems, restaurants, etc.)

If airlines and the governments all over the world are serious about people wanting to fly – this is the first mandatory step. This is so basic. Why is it so difficult for the officials and bureaucrats to start utilizing the science already available to us.

Every air traveler in the world will feel much safer to travel, once we know that the plane we are boarding was just disinfected (the seats, the aisle, overhead bins). It protects the pilots, the crew members, and the traveling public from the dreadfully infested planes.

Every plane should be mandated to carry the Germfalcon disinfectant machine in the plane, and as soon as the last passenger deplanes, the UV-C machine should be brought to action.

It only takes 10 minutes, and why can’t FAA mandate that airlines invest in this machine to ensure safer air travel. The time is now. Ultraviolet-C ray technology, used appropriately, is the way to restart the economy and instill the confidence in people to travel again and feel safe to assemble in public places. Please contact us if you have additional questions or would like to discuss alternative methods of prevention.

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