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Rhinoplasty for the Droopy Tip

Published on March 29, 2016 by

Many patients are concerned about having a droopy tip.  This is where the tip of the nose droops down too low and causes the nose to look out of balance. It usually worsens even more when the patient smiles.  Sometimes the shape of the nose itself is actually completely fine, just the droopiness of the tip is imbalanced.  Sometimes the shape of the nose is also abnormal.  Depending on your anatomical need we have solutions for both of these.


1) SOLUTION 1 – (non-surgical, temporary) If your anatomy is otherwise completely in balance, and the only issue is the droopy tip, then we can harmonize the nose with a combination of a specialized technique using fillers and Botox.  Using Fillers to augment the spine of the nose, we can lift and rotate the tip of the nose. Using botox we can weaken the depressor nasii muscle which contributes to the downward pull of the nose. This is a temporary fix that will last anywhere from 1-2 years, but will need to repeat this treatment from time to time.

2) SOLUTION 2 – (minor surgery, permanent) If your anatomy is otherwise completely in balance, and the only issue is the droopy tip, but you desire a permanent solution, we can perform a small minor surgery where we simply shave some cartilage and cut some internal vestibular mucosa skin in order to achieve a permanent rotation of the tip that brings the tip into more balance.

3) Solution 3 – (closed rhinoplasty) If your anatomy is not in balance, and requires a full closed rhinoplasty, we can achieve this rotation of the tip during the closed rhinoplasty procedure.

Visit our  Closed Rhinoplasty Gallery to see results from rotating the droopy tip.


– Dr. Deepak Dugar



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