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Is Beverly Hills the Mecca of Rhinoplasty?

Published on April 20, 2016 by

For decades, people have wondered why Beverly Hills is the “mecca” for Plastic Surgery?

The answer is : Hollywood.

Hollywood has forever lured us all into a state of trance where we are mesmerized by the glitz and glamour.  We adore our favorite stars. We adore our favorite movies.  Today, TV is no less powerful and our TV stars carry just as much clout (unlike the 1990’s and before eras).

But Hollywood comes with its own expectations.  Expectations that the fans create.  Fans want a perfect superstar.  Fans want a beautiful, glowing, perfectly contoured superstar who can sing, dance, and act all in a snap of a finger.  With this pressure of Hollywood, the need to look good has always been a powerful need.  Looking good is of course subjective but there are objective measurements that can help.

Enter: Plastic Surgery.

Since the mid 1950’s, Beverly Hills has been considered the “mecca” of Plastic Surgery because of the talent it was able to draw.  One of the kings of Hollywood’s Plastic Surgery scene was Dr. Morey Parkes who was the Rhinoplasty Legend of the day.  He performed rhinoplasty on some of the most famous stars of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.   Then came Dr. Raj Kanodia who took over Dr. Parkes practice, and has performed more celebrity rhinoplasty than anyone else in the entire world.  Check out our MEDIA page to understand more about that.  And now I, Dr. Deepak Dugar, enter as Dr. Kanodia’s junior partner.

With Rhinoplasty being the world’s most challenging cosmetic surgery to most Plastic Surgeons, we continue to offer the world’s greatest Rhinoplasty surgery here in Los Angeles, in the heart of Beverly Hills.  I believe Beverly Hills is definitely still the mecca of plastic surgery and will continue to be so for ages to come.

For more information about our practice, do click through our website and check out our MEDIA page and our Before and After Picture Gallery.



– Dr. Deepak Dugar


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