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Internal Nasal Valve in Rhinoplasty

Published on April 11, 2016 by

Deepak Dugar


The Internal Nasal Valve is often the most confused segment of the nose when it comes to Rhinoplasty.  It is often the most overlooked portion of Nasal Breathing.  The internal nasal valve consists of a triangular area that is normally 10-15 degrees and can decrease it its patency based on anatomical factors.  Its patency allows better breathing through the nose.  When the internal nasal valve is compromised patients feel a sense of nasal obstruction.

The internal nasal valve is composed of the septum, the lower border of the upper lateral cartilage and the inferior turbinate. An abnormality of any of these structures can cause a collapse in the Internal Nasal Valve – including: 1) deviated septum, 2) collapse of the upper lateral cartilage, 3)enlargement of the inferior turbinate.  An abnormality in even just 1 of these structures can cause nasal obstruction.

Surgical correction of each of these with additional implementation to address these areas is critical to the success of Rhinoplasty Surgery. We can address all of these anatomical variations with SCARLESS techniques from the inside of the nose.  We utilize spreader grafts (which are cut pieces of cartilage that are shaved and tailored individually to your own internal nasal valve anatomy) to increase the angle of the internal nasal valve to give better breathing.  These are stitched in place from inside the nose, with NO OUTSIDE CUTS.

Dr. Kanodia and Dr. Dugar practice ENDONASAL RHINOPLASTY only with focus on cosmetic nasal changes with improved breathing. Call us today at 310-276-3106 to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Dugar or Dr. Kanodia today!

– Deepak Dugar, MD

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