Dr. Kanodia’s Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Philosophy 



Dr. Kanodia’s Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Philosophy There is beauty to be found in every human face. It is not the role of our science to gauge beauty against some arbitrary standard, but to utilize our tools to allow the various attributes of each face to work in concert. Consider the way a photographic image is made. Light falling on the subject is reflected from its contours and features through the lens of the camera. It is this reflected light that is photographed.

The lack of contours of a tired, wrinkly face do not reflect light in a harmonious, coherent way. I “adjust the light” until I am able to reestablish the youthful vectors in the face. The resulting “photograph” is the enhanced version. My work is not to endow the face with qualities it never possessed, but to bring out those qualities of beauty that are intrinsically its own. Just as aging is an ongoing process occurring in distinct stages, our effort to reestablish the youthful appearance must also be gradual. The rejuvenation is accomplished in several sessions, according to the needs of the individual and the degree of improvement that is sought. Facial Rejuvenation involves 4 necessary components. Just as a painter begins a portrait by selecting a palette appropriate to his subject, our work requires many different colors for its completion. These four components include the following:    Fillers | Botox | Lasers | Skin Care 

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