Dr. Kanodia’s Anti-Aging Botox Philosophy

When done with educated precision, Botox is a brilliant and powerful tool that eliminates wrinkles from the face. Lines between the eyes, in the forehead and those nasty crow’s feet’ by the eyes soften in about five days and the effects last several months. But when Botox is injected incorrectly, get ready for a big nightmare. Bad Botox injections cause uneven facial features and a startling plastic look that wipes natural expression from the face.

Botox is a type of neuromodulator that relaxes muscles to soften and eliminate certain lines and creases. Relaxing these muscles effectively flattens out that area of skin giving a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Contrary to rumor, Anti-Aging Botox properly used does not “freeze the face” and eliminate its expressiveness. Here again, achievement of a natural-looking result is as much art as science. The objective is not simply youthfulness, but a youthfulness in accord with the individual face. Botox injections should be done very gently and carefully so as to prevent damage and deep lines; it can be very precisely filtrated and calibrated to the needs of the client. It is of special importance to actors (although really no less so to the rest of us) that the face remain fully animated and expressive.

Just as aging is an ongoing process occurring in distinct stages, our effort to reestablish the youthful appearance must also be gradual. The rejuvenation is accomplished in several sessions, according to the needs of the individual and the degree of change that is sought.

Facial Rejuvenation involves 4 necessary components. Just as a painter begins a portrait by selecting a palette appropriate to his subject, our work requires many different colors for its completion.

1) Fillers
2) Botox
3) Lasers
4) Skin care

How Anti-Aging Botox is Injected

anti-aging botox pre-op

Anti-Aging Botox can be administered at Dr. Kanodia’s office by appointment only. Before your appointment the injection will be freshly prepared to ensure optimal results. Next, Dr. Kanodia will consult with you and discuss your concerns as well as inspecting the areas to be injected. Once deciding on the proper areas for treatment, a small amount of Botox will be injected directly into the site where results are desired through a tiny 32-gauge needle. It’s relatively painless and takes only minutes. We customize each patient’s Botox experience to their individual anatomy needs.

Primary Areas Targeted with Botox
(In Most Patients)

1)   Frown Lines (Procerus and Corrugator muscles)
2)   Horizontal Lines in the forehead (Frontalis muscle)
3)   Crows Feet (Orbicularis Occuli muscles)
4)   Neck (Platysma muscle) – to prevent the downward pull

Secondary Areas Targeted with Botox
(In Selected Patients Only)

1)   Eye Brow Lift – When desired, can be obtained by calculated injections into the Frown Lines, Horizontal Lines in the Forehead and Crows Feet
2)   Vertical lines above the upper lip (Orbicularis Oris muscle) – We very carefully and superficially inject micro drops using a 32 gauge needle. Here we use 1/5th of what is typically used, causing no interference with the mobility of the mouth.
3)   Chin (Mentalis muscle) to soften the orange peel appearance.
4)   The jowl area (Depressor Anguli Oris muscles). When the D.A.O. muscles are strong, they have a tendency to pull the face down and create the appearance of jowling. Preventative treatment can be started as early as age 30. We utilize 3-5 units of Botox on each D.A.O. for a safe and adequate treatment.
5)   Under the eye (Orbicularis Oculi Muscles) – 1 micro drop (1.5 – 2 units) to help lines under the eye in selected patients.

Scheduling a Botox Treatment

Dr. Kanodia personally does all Anti-Aging Botox injections for his patients. You will not be passed off to anyone else. He will personally consult with you and offer his expert eye for beauty and symmetry allowing you to get the very best from your Botox treatment. Visit our medspa site to learn more about our cosmetic injections. Contact our front office to book a consultation with us.

Before & After Photos

before neck botox

Neck Botox


After Neck Botox

Neck Botox


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