Dixie’s Nose – Back To Normal

Dixie D’Amelio, another TikTok famous sister of the D’Amelio family, recently got a nose job. Just like her sister Charli, Dixie’s nose had injuries in the past that affected her breathing. Charli was the first one to trust Dr. Kanodia to make her life much easier. Charli was very satisfied with the outcome post her nose surgery, and is now back living her dream being a dancer. 

Dixie’s nose was damaged some years back when she went ice skating. Not too long after, her mother Heidi said that doctors told Dixie she needed surgery. Another incident involved playing soccer, where the young influencer got hit in the face and fell on the back of her head, and “probably” broke her nose. Ouch!

Dr. Kanodia followed the same protocol: many consultations upfront to get ready for the big step. The priority was fixing Dixie’s nose and the breathing problems so she can go and enjoy her busy, youthful and energetic life! In addition, the young star wanted a cosmetic change, getting rid of the bump caused by the injuries in the past that stopped her from feeling fully confident. 

Having worked with many different clients that vary in age, Dr. Kanodia knew exactly what to do. Step number one was making sure Dixie is comfortable and ready, knows what is going to happen up front, and what changes the surgeon is about to make. Just like with any client, Dr. Kanodia held her hand through it all. He promised Dixie to bring back her confidence, and he surely did that! She is now able to breathe properly, as well as do sports and feel confident looks-wise. 

dixie's nose after

Some people to this day feel like plastic surgery is an unnecessary move in one’s life, and especially a nose job – “that changes your facial appearance COMPLETELY!”. That is a very drastic statement because Dixie’s nose still looks like Dixie, just happier. Joke’s on you!

Dixie’s Nose Damage Is Common In Athletes

A severely deviated nose has always been a common problem among athletes. Plastic surgery does not only improve your looks but also helps you feel more confident and comfortable in your own body. Dr. Kanodia approaches any “imperfections” with a minimalistic perspective.

A closed rhinoplasty is a great way to bring your nose back to its normal anatomy, especially after an injury. Most people that are against “altering your body” argue that if a person wants to get such a surgery, it usually has something to do with insecurities, but that is not necessarily the case. Nose related injuries affect your breathing, and “unfortunately”, we need air to survive… Therefore, if we don’t get enough air or feel comfortable breathing, that affects our health and well-being. 

The D’Amelio sisters are very active teens that both had to deal with breathing related difficulties until they met Dr. Kanodia. The well-known Beverly Hills surgeon helped both of the sisters gain their confidence and conformability completing their daily tasks back. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with similar problems, you should not hesitate to reach out to someone who has been solving such problems everyday for the last 40 years! That number is pretty much self-explanatory. Dr. Kanodia is the best surgeon out there who will carefully investigate the issues underlying the nose related problems.

HE is someone who will sit you down and talk to you about what he wants to achieve with the “project” in front of him for hours. He will answer all of the questions you have, and add some more. Any concerns will be addressed with knowledge and respect, and there will not be any empty promises made. Simply a minimalistic approach that will leave you happy and more confident in your own skin.

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