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Selecting A Surgeon

When selecting a surgeon for your cosmetic goals its important to be confident in several key aspects of your cosmetic surgeon’s background, experience and training. If you stick to a few key guidelines you can feel good about the odds of having a positive outcome for your surgical procedure.

How To Select Your Surgeon

  • First and foremost you want to limit your search to board certified plastic surgeons. Don’t consider having your surgery done by anyone other than a physician who hasn’t met all the requirements. This guarantees that your surgeon has at least met the minimum requirements for board certification.
  • Investigate the sugeon’s experience. Find out how long the surgeon has been in practice, how often they perform the surgery or procedure you are interested in, and what their surgical facility is like.
  • What do the surgeon’s previous patients have to say abou their experience? Best practice is to read reviews, testimonials and comments on social media websites regarding the experiences others had with the surgeon.

Schedule A Consultation

When you have satisfied yourself regarding the above criteria, the next step is to meet face-to-face with the surgeon you’re considering. Nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting… as many surgeons may ‘meet’ the qualifications, youll want to ensure that you feel comfortable with your surgeon and that you communicate well together. Being able to communicate your desired outcome and then actually hear that translated back to you from an expert surgeon who feels confident that your desires can be attained is the ultimate goal.

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