Plastic Surgery Consultation Information

Surgery Consultation Process

Because he believes so strongly in the consultation process, Dr. Kanodia prefers to have two to three surgery consultations with each patient before performing any procedure.

During the plastic surgery consultation, photos of the patient are reviewed, as are pictures of previous patients with similar features. Dr. Kanodia also talks at length with patients about their expectations and motivation. He believes it is extremely crucial that individuals desire changes for their own gratification, not in an effort to please others. It’s equally important that they understand plastic surgery alone won’t change their lives.

When patients are realistic and self-motivated, the results can be extraordinary.

Consultation Fee

Dr. Kanodia is highly sought after and the top of his field. His consultation fee of $300 is required in order to schedule an initial appointment with him to discuss what he can do for you. There is no obligation or further commitment required but the consultation fee must be paid at the time of your appointment.

Consultation Forms

We’re excited that you will be visiting us at our Beverly Hills location and look forward to meeting with you. In preparation for your visit please print the forms below, fill them out and bring them with you when you come in. Thank you.

Please be sure to also review our post-op instructions.

Dr. Kanodia

Dr. Kanodia is sought after by Royalty, Celebrities, Actresses, Models, and other public figures because of his finesse and scarless approach to the nose.