Closed Rhinoplasty vs Open Rhinoplasty

Is Closed Rhinoplasty All The Rage?

At Dr. Kanodia’s medical offices, we only perform the technique known as closed rhinoplasty or scarless rhinoplasty. The doctor whole heartedly believes in this procedure type and has dedicated the vast majority of his nose surgery practice to this specific type.

So, what’s all the buzz about? There’s always been a stigma with nose jobs in that they seem kind of…scary. People always imagine their nose being opened up, bones being broken, healing taking months and months. Well, in some cases that is in fact the process, but not with the scarless approach that Kanodia uses. He’s considered an artist in this space because of his fine attention to detail and his minimalistic approach to fixing noses.

closed rhinoplasty

Dr Kanodia has been doing closed rhinoplasty procedures in Beverly Hills for over 39 years. He treats every patients nose like a piece of art, looking to enhance the facial symmetry and beauty of the natural nose. Our gallery has more patient before & afters. Check out this story on Harper’s Bazaar on how a nose job can change the way you feel.

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