Closed Rhinoplasty – The Art behind the Science





By: Kanodia Dugar


The art of closed rhinoplasty grows closer to extinction everyday.  As surgeons are being trained in more reconstructive and open rhinoplasty techniques across the country, closed rhinoplasty has become something of historical account to many novice surgeons.  This is a massive disservice to our patients – our true responsibility.  Closed rhinoplasty offers the ability to refine the nose without imprinting significant changes.  While some surgeons argue, that too little is done with closed rhinoplasty, we argue that is EXACTLY the point.  We don’t like to cause significant changes to noses with rhinoplasty.  We like to perform small subtle changes to simple refine and enhance noses.  We don’t change noses.


There is some confusion regarding who needs what type of rhinoplasty surgery.


I believe rhinoplasty patients are broken into 4 major categories:

1) Primary Rhinoplasty for Cosmetic purposes only

2) Primary Rhinoplasty for Reconstructive purposes

3) Revision Rhinoplasty for Reconstructive purpose

4) Revision Rhinoplasty for Cosmetic purposes only


With the cosmetic patients, especially with the primary (first time surgery) noses for cosmetic purpose – I believe CLOSED RHINOPLASTY should always be the offered surgery as it leads to the most ideal finesse rhinoplasty result without significant changes.  For the other types of rhinoplasty, I believe open rhinoplasty can be more beneficial as it allows the surgeons to do much more reconstructive work to the nose which can be required at times.


If you are a primary nose (never been operated on) and are looking for cosmetic changes, we hope to meet you for a CLOSED RHINOPLASTY consultation at our Beverly Hills office.


– Kanodia Dugar, MD
(Junior Parter to Raj Kanodia, MD)