Closed Rhinoplasty Los Angeles – Dr. Kanodia

Let’s discuss why Rhinoplasty and specifically closed rhinoplasty procedures are so popular nowadays. Rhinoplasty Los Angeles has seen a huge spike in the number of patients who are just tired of the way their nose has looked for all these years. The general understanding about rhinoplasty is this intense procedure that alters the way you look forever. You have to wear bandages for days and you have to stay hidden away from the general population like Nosferatu until it’s healed.

Let’s go ahead and wipe the pre-conceived notion from your mind. Dr. Kanodia has a Rhinoplasty Los Angeles office that specializes in a closed rhinoplasty procedure. In laymen terms it’s a minimally invasive procedure that happens inside the nose and there is no need to open the nose up like some of the nose jobs from the 80’s. Check out a before and after. Or see more in our gallery.

Rhinoplasty Los Angeles Patient Profile

The after picture above was taken only 7 days after the operation. With Dr. Kanodia’s finesse rhinoplasty Los Angeles technique, he really tries to minimize the affect a nose job can have on the facial structure. Unfortunately, there are quite a few doctors that will perform any type of alterations you seek but not Kanodia. He’ll advise on what he believes is the most natural and beautiful nose shape and take it from there. He strongly believes in the philosophy of not overdoing it. Wether it’s his injections, nose jobs, or any thing else. Less is more with Dr. Kanodia. Talk to our team today about how to book your nose consult!