How Helping Charli’s Nose Improved Her Breathing

Charli D’Amelio is a TikTok star, with a following of 84million people, and not too long ago she came in to see Dr. Kanodia for potential nose surgery. The young dancer was struggling with breathing problems after she broke her nose in 2019. Dr. Kanodia, one of the best plastic surgeons out there, did a handful of consultations on Charli’s nose to get to the bottom of the issue. 

The procedure was not in any way easy and required lots of preparation and consultations. The TikTok star had a broken septum that was getting in the way of completing dance and other movement-related tasks in her busy daily life. Charli D’Amelio always emphasizes on how big of a factor dancing is in her life, and fortunately, Dr. Kanodia fixed the main issue that was stopping the young inspirational woman from living her dream. 

Charli’s Nose Was Severely Deviated

Charli’s nose surgery was a trending topic for a hot minute, and everyone was curious why the star, especially at such a young age, decided to make such a (some might say) drastic change. The truth behind any speculations is that she simply wanted her life back after dealing with some nose injuries that were getting out of hand. 

Dr. Kanodia did not want to mess with her natural beauty but simply restore Charli’s nose back to its normal anatomy. The well-known surgeon is all about minimalistic changes that simply make you feel and breathe better rather than anything drastic that one day you might regret. A patient’s needs and underlying issues always come before any major changes to the person’s appearance.

Charli’s nose surgery went really well, just like one would expect, and the star was back on the dance floor only two weeks after the surgery! It was a quick recovery because of how thoroughly and cautious the preparation was. No surgeon ever wants to see any complications after a complex nose surgery, but that is why Dr. Kanodia takes a great amount of time and consideration to prepare for such a big step. His goal is to make sure that post-surgery, a patient is satisfied and ready to get back to any daily activities almost in no time. 

charli's nose job

Charli D’Amelio is a great example of how plastic surgery can benefit your life. It has always been looked at as a negative, insecurity filled step in one’s life. Plastic surgery can be so beneficial, especially when dealing with broken septum and breathing problems that stop you from, as cliché as it sounds, LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! The fear behind getting any type of plastic surgery is definitely understandable, especially if a patient is young.

Anyone dealing with problems similar to Charli’s should not hesitate to make a consultation with a well-respectable surgeon like Dr. Kanodia because he holds your hand and guides you through every step of the process. After seeing how quickly Charli D’Amelio recovered, the fear of nose surgery should be minimal, and any of your concerns would be addressed and considered upfront. 

There is so much misleading information out there regarding plastic surgeries, but picking and researching the best surgeons out there, who help out and satisfy many people that fall under a wide age range, should help you build your own strong and positive opinion about what the real deal is. Dr. Kanodia will take into consideration any of your hesitations, and create a specialized plan for you and your needs. Any questions or concerns you have will always be addressed, and Dr. Kanodia’s list of satisfied clients ranging from young TikTok stars to Hollywood superstars that have been in the industry for many decades, only prove that you will not be left disappointed. 

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