Celebrity Rhinoplasty

Celebrity Rhinoplasty

Dr. Raj Kanodia in Beverly Hills performs Scarless Nose Surgery (Scarless Rhinoplasty aka Closed Rhinoplasty) as 100% of his surgical practice.

There is a reason we are obsessed with who celebrities choose for their rhinoplasty (nosejob).  It is because celebrities have the ability to pick or choose from ANYONE.

So generally speaking, when an A-list celebrity (for whom money is no issue) picks a surgeon to take care of their nose – it usually means 1) their celebrity friends gave them a referral 2)they have inside information regarding the work 3)the Doctor’s reputation and skill speaks for itself.

Celebrity Rhinoplasty has always been a long legacy in Beverly Hills for Scarless Rhinoplasty.  The reason celebrities choose Scarless Rhinoplasty (or closed rhinoplasty or endonasal rhinoplasty) is because 1) they want minimal change that the average fan wouldn’t notice and 2) they do not want any external cuts or scars.

celebrity rhinoplasty patient

Most rhinoplasty surgeons today utilize open rhinoplasty and make external cuts and scars on the base of the nose.  This inflicts a permanent scar at the base of the nose forever.  This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for a celebrity patient.  This is why they choose scarless closed endonasal rhinoplasty.