Caucasian Closed Scarless Rhinoplasty

We can refine a caucasian nose with our special closed scarless rhinoplasty technique also known as closed endonasal rhinoplasty. The Caucasian nose is generally classified as leptorrhine (long and narrow) with thinner nasal skin and firmer underlying cartilages. The most often requested Caucasian Rhinoplasty is for reduction of a hump and/or refinement of the nasal tip. To create the most natural, settle change we use a variety of approaches to address the tip including intracartilaginous approach, delivery approach, universal tip approach, tip defining sutures and more.  All of these can be and are performed through our scarless rhinoplasty technique. The key to any nose job is to keep the nose looking natural. Rhinoplasty is about finesse, NOT change.


Caucasian closed scarless rhinoplasty procedures are performed by Dr. Kanodia & Dr. Dugar personally in their cosmetic surgery center in Beverly Hills, Ca. More than half of Dr. Kanodia & Dr. Dugar’s patients are out of town patients so if you are not in the Los Angeles area please contact us and we will set up virtual meeting via Skype & a phone session.