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All of the featured patients experienced comparable surgical improvements through closed rhinoplasty.

Patient Showcase

Really beautiful face with great harmony between eyes, cheeks, mouth, and jawline. Issues with nose:

  1. Excess projection
  2. Nose is pulled down when smiling
  3. Nasal bones are wide
  4. Tip-nostril complex is excellent

Surgical refinements accomplished:

  1. Cartilage and bone shaved and filed
  2. Minimum tip rotation accomplished by relaxing depressor nasi and caudal septal shave
  3. Osteotomy to narrow and straighten the bones
  4. Tip-nostril complex preserved in its beautiful natural form

Patient #1

Similar surgical refinement was accomplished in all of the following  patients. See patient video.

Patient #2

Great upper and lower vector and eyes with an exaggerated nasal profile. Bones and cartilage pushed to the right from injury.

Surgical refinement accomplished:

  1. Cartilage and bone shaved and rasped.
  2. Septoplasty and spreader graft to push the mid third of the nose to the left to obtain some straightening followed by osteotomy to narrow and straighten the bones.

Patient #3

Similar surgical refinement was accomplished in the following patient

Patient #4

Pre-Op Assessment

  1. Excess Cartilage and bone projection
  2. Nasal Bones wide 

Surgical refinement accomplished:

  1. Excess cartilage profile shaved, excess bone projection rasped
  2. Wide nasal bones – narrowed with lateral osteotomy 
  3. Minimum tip sculpting and refinement 

Patient #5

Patient #6

Tip nostril configuration

1. Severely deviated septum (100%) 

2. Exaggerated profile of both bone and cartilage 

Surgical refinement accomplished:

  1. Tip nostril complex was preserved
  2. Excess projection reduced
  3. Septoplasty and internal nasal valve repair with spreader grafts to give her 100% breathing from total nasal airway obstruction
  4. Nasal bones realigned

Patient #7

Patient #8

Trauma to the nose telescoped the nasal bones and created a significant bump.

Surgical refinement accomplished:

  1. The bony hump was reduced by gouging the prominent piece of the nasal bone and fine
  2. Passing it with a rasp. 
  3. The tip and nasal labial angle was perfect and thus preserved in its natural shape 

Patient #9

Excess projection and length. 

Surgical refinement accomplished:

  1. Cephalic Tip rotation 
  2. Reduction of the cartilage and the bony profile to finesse.

Patient #10

Patient #11

Patient #12

Patient #13

Patient #14

Patient #14