Benefits of Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kanodia

There’s a reason why rhinoplasty is one of the most requested cosmetic surgical procedures available today. The benefits certainly outweigh any of the negatives, especially for those who are in serious need of a nose correction, be it either for aesthetic or functional purposes.

A rhinoplasty for aesthetic corrections can be a tremendous boost to a person’s overall confidence. This is especially true considering the central location of nose on the face. Even a slight change can make become a huge improvement in the balance and symmetry of the facial features.

When it comes to functional corrections, a rhinoplasty can allow proper breathing for those who may suffer from frequent sinus infections, frequent upper respiratory problems or difficulty sleeping due to breathing problems. This particular surgery can correct breathing issues caused by a deviated septum or other factors.

To learn more about the many benefits of rhinoplasty, contact Dr. Raj Kanodia, a renowned plastic surgeon serving the Beverly Hills area.