7 day flash recovery Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills by Dr. Kanodia

At Raj Kanodia Med Spa, Dr. Kanodia & Dr. Dugar only perform one type of Rhinoplasty- CLOSED & SCARLESS. Thanks Dr. Kanodia’s special technique there is minimal downtime & it provides a 7 day flash recovery. After the 7th day, the cast is removed & you are able to resume your normal daily social activities.  The majority of Raj Kanodia’s patients are able to go out that evening & no one can even tell they have had a single thing done! Closed nose jobs do not require any external cuts therefore the healing process is much quicker with less swelling & bruising. Approximately 60 % of patients that come to Raj Kanodia Med Spa in Beverly Hills, Ca have absolutely NO bruising at all & 30 % have very mild bruising that is gone by the time the cast comes off!

If you are considering Rhinoplasty, come in for a consultation at our Los Angeles office with Dr. Kanodia or Dr. Dugar today. Call 310-276-3106 to schedule your appointment for nose analysis.